Your visit to Costa Rica will be enhanced when you seize the opportunity to learn the language of the country. 

Speaking Spanish endears you to the locals for they appreciate the fact that you are making an effort to assimilate into their society even if only during your visit here.  That is why Secret Garden has joined with Seņor Jorge Soler to offer private, individual or group lessons during your stay.

Seņor Jorge Soler, your Professor, has a lifetime of linguistic expertise and it is rare to have him available for these lessons. 

Seņor Jorge Soler is a sought after instructor and has tutored some of the most reknowned residents here in Costa Rica.

Other Services

One of the most valuable services that Seņor Jorge Soler can offer is interpretation.  This is very important when you are negotiating with attorneys, agents, or seeking information on the marvelous medical and dental care available here.

Keep in mind that when in Costa Rica having a "friend" that looks out for your best interests can make all the difference in the outcome.  So when you are in Costa Rica remember that you have a friend that is only a phone call away. 



Individual Instruction
A Few Words From Senor Jorge Soler